thrust [thrust]
thrust, thrusting [ME thrusten, thristen < ON thrysta < IE * treud-, to squeeze, push > THREAT, L trudere]
1. to push with sudden force; shove; drive
2. to pierce; stab
3. to force or impose (oneself or another) upon someone else or into some position or situation
4. to interject or interpose (a remark, question, etc.)
5. to extend, as in growth [the tree thrusts its branches high]
1. to push or shove against something
2. to make a thrust, stab, or lunge, as with a sword
3. to force one's way (into, through, etc.)
4. to extend, as in growth
1. the act of thrusting; specif.,
a) a sudden, forceful push or shove
b) a lunge or stab, as with a sword
c) any sudden attack
2. continuous pressure of one part against another, as of a rafter against a wall
a) the driving force of a propeller in the line of its shaft
b) the forward force produced in reaction to the gases escaping rearward from a jet or rocket engine
a) forward movement; impetus [the thrust of machine technology]
b) energy; drive
5. the basic meaning or purpose; point; force [the thrust of a speech]
6. Geol. an almost horizontal fault in which the hanging wall seems to have been pushed upward in relation to the footwall: in full thrust fault

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